How to Incorporate Greenery Into Your Interior Design

Plants are a great way to bring vibrant colour and interesting texture into your décor. Beyond their aesthetic contribution, they also boost air quality and have been proven to help lower stress!     

Here are some of my favourite interior design tips for incorporating greenery:   

1. Start by looking at your space from all different angles. Observe the strongest and weakest points of the room and identify areas that could use brightening up. Be conscious of not cluttering the room by leaving space for it to flow.    

2. Choose the style of plants you like and research what they need to survive. Some love direct sunlight, while others thrive in indirect light, so make sure whichever you choose is the right fit! If you have little ones or pets, ensure you’re choosing a plant that isn’t toxic.   

3. Large plants can be a beautiful focal point, especially in minimalist interiors. If you choose a large plant, make sure the pot compliments your decor and also will allow some space for it to grow.   

4. Small plants are versatile and tend to be relatively low maintenance. Consider terrariums and hanging planters that compliment your space to display them. 

Keep in mind that greenery also makes an excellent gift if you’re looking for the perfect thank-you or housewarming present for a friend!



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